Fight Against Coronavirus disease and protect your Family and Baby !!

Mar 05 , 2020

Fight against Coronavirus disease and protect your family and baby!



1. Improve your low resistance

Adults can add enough vitamins, do 30 minutes of daily exercise with Oxygen, wear a mask and clean themselves often.


2. Building a healthy environment and ecology

Using negative ion air freshener as home equipment, negative ion itself has been proven to have significant effects on longevity and health,
Because newborn babies cannot eat vitamins, and even honey is not suitable for babies under 1 year old, this method is very suitable.


Negative ion air freshener We strictly define the following products. As everyone's daily equipment, in fact, negative ions are enough to fight viruses in the air.
In contrast, although oxygen and ozone are helpful to the body, high concentrations of oxygen and ozone are toxic.

I list our products first, and then bring out more negative ions and health information at the end.

1. CarryWearable Air Purifier Portable Lonizer Negative Ion

After testing this product, the number of negative ions can be about 20 million / sec
Because viruses generally have a positive charge (of course, there are also very small negative charges). When you start a small negative ion air freshener, when negative ions encounter a virus, they will actively attack the virus and then stop the virus's action.

For scientific documents, please refer to the following link to the PMC Scientific Report


2. For vehicles - Car Home Air Purifier Negative Ion Purifiers Anion Cleaner

Vehicles are confined spaces and are very susceptible to transmitting viruses, so be sure to install an additional one


3. Home use       Air Purifier Negative ion Ozone Anion Generator Air Cleaner

This home is very good for use, in addition to negative ions, there is also ozone output, but pay attention to the ozone should not be excessive, that is, just a little taste is very sufficient, ideally no one in the house, then turn on ozone, and some people turn on anion.


4. Anion tester        Air Negative Ion Measuring Instrument Tester Ion Meter

Please refer to the manual for details


Detailed theory of negative ion health

China has even opened hospitals to treat patients with high concentrations of negative ions. Among the medical methods, we can see the power of negative ions. For example, arrange patients to absorb negative ions for 30 to 60 minutes a day, and take 15 to 30 days as a course of treatment. Although 30 minutes a day and a 15-day course of treatment are only seven and a half hours, from the data, it can be seen that the effect of high concentrations of negative ions is quite amazing.

It is worth asking that negative ions have no side effects from research in the past half century. Whether we absorb 3,000 negative ions or 30 million negative ions, it will not cause problems due to excessive absorption. In contrast, although oxygen and ozone are helpful to the body, high concentrations of oxygen and ozone are toxic.

Over the past ten years, China has used a lot of negative ions to study health issues, common diseases, chronic diseases, acute diseases, and cancer. These studies are also very effective.